15 Minute Home Care Visits

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We’ve received comments that 15 minute home care visits are too short and unrealistic. Home carers are also raising concerns that 15 minutes is not enough to provide elderly and disabled service users the most basic care. 

Key issues

Leonard Cheshire Disability conducted a survey and published areport  to highlight the increasing use of 15 minute home care visits and the impact they are having on service users and home carers. A FOI request showed that 60% of local authorities now commission 15-minute visits. And over 5 years the proportion of visits lasting 15 minutes or less has risen by 15%.

Every day, over a million disabled and older people in the UK receive home care visits. For many these are the only way that they are able to eat, go to the toilet, wash and get dressed.

Local authorities have a legal duty to provide personal care to older and disable people who need it. With local authorities struggling to maintain services whilst cutting budgets, many have reduced the lengths of visits rather than the frequency of visits.

For many older and vulnerable people this means they are receiving rushed visits and are at risk of being treated like objects to be fed and watered. It is felt that 15 minutes is insufficient time to prepare a hot decent meal, assist the person with toileting and administer medication. Service users and home carers have raised concerns that quality care and personalised care is simply not feasible in 15-minute visits.

We are looking to understand:

·  How many 15-minute home care visits does Kirklees council commission.

·  The impact of 15-minute visits on services users

·  Do 15- minute care visits deprive disabled and older people of their dignity?

·  The experiences of home care workers delivering 15 minute visits

·  Are 15-minute home care visits an effective way of providing social care

·  Can quality care be provided in 15-minutes

·  How can home care be better commissioned by local authorities


Are you receiving 15 minute home care visits? Are you a home carer providing 15 minutes of care?  

If you would like to share your views about this, or have a story you’d like to tell us, get in touch with Shabana Ali who is leading on this piece of work.