Alcohol services

Why are we interested in Alcohol Services?

From October 2015, Drugs and Alcohol Services in Kirklees will have been recommissioned. Public Health commission these services and asked Healthwatch Kirklees to engage with clients who currently use or have used these services in the last 12 month and with staff who work with people who use these services. When services are recommissioned this presents a valuable opportunity to present public opinion to ensure that future services meet the needs and expectations of those who use the services in questions. Alcohol services can be accessed by anyone but often, people who use these services have multiple and complex needs and may find it difficult to get their opinion heard. Healthwatch Kirklees are committed to seeking and representing the voice of those who are sometimes the easiest to ignore. We set out to establish which parts of the services work well for people and if there is potential for improvement in the way any of the alcohol services work.

To view our full findings please read our report below: