Care Homes in North Kirklees

When Healthwatch Kirklees heard that North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) had some ideas which might improve health services for care home residents, we very much wanted to be part of the engagement process, to ensure that as many people as possible could hear about the ideas and have their say on things which may affect them in future.

Some of the ideas the CCG put forward involve better access to GP services for residents and using a Telehealth service, allowing carers and residents to have 24 hour access to clinicians via an online service. We know that too many people in care homes are taken to A&E when they’ve had an accident or become unwell; they often wait for long periods of time which can cause unnecessary distress and worry. We know that some of those people could be better cared if there was a more effective way for a clinician to carry out an assessment, sometimes without the patient having to leave their home, which would mean that only people experiencing serious, life threatening illness are taken to A&E.

People who live in care homes might find it more difficult than others to say what they think about health services available to them. Healthwatch Kirklees invested time and resource to engage with staff, residents and visitors in care homes to make sure everyone could have their say on the CCG’s ideas.

We look forward to seeing how the CCG will progress their ideas, taking into account what people told us.

To view the full report click here:Care-home-support-service-engagement-report-November-2017-FINAL