Do we need to think about Parking?

A joined up approach to hospital transport


We’ve seen a number of comments criticising parking around hospitals and health centres. Here is an example.

“Something ought to be done about the parking situation at Dewsbury Health Centre. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the day you visit your GP, Pharmacist or other service, there is hardly ever any parking……It is high time some consideration was given to visiting patients, who by the very nature of their visit are unwell/disabled etc. It is unacceptable that sick people are having to find parking in and around Dewsbury (at a cost) and walk some distance in all sorts of weather when staff are occupying all the parking spaces”

At Calderdale Royal Infirmary, we’ve heard that there will soon be paid for parking up to 1 mile away from the hospital.

One of the issues that came from our work with people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, suggested that many people rely on, and prefer to be taken to hospital by friends and relatives. As our population ages, is there an increasing need for patients to have access to reasonable, affordable parking services?

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