Flu Vaccinations

In 2014 we first raised the issue of porcine gelatin in Fluenz Vaccine and the impact that not offering an alternative flu vaccine for people can have on health inequalities in North Kirklees. We worked in partnership with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who conducted an academic study on the uptake of the vaccine in which concluded.

“The option of offering an alternative vaccine, raised by parents and key informants, to ensure health equality for those who chose not to vaccinate their child due to faith reasons, should be considered by the Department of Health.”

We are now working in partnership with a researcher from to see if there is a link between vaccination levels in North Kirklees and the incidence of flu in our area. We will continue to talk to Public Health England to understand whether how offering an alternative to Fluenz vaccines in North Kirklees works alongside the NHS’s Public Sector Equalities Duty.