Health services at the weekend


NHS England have said “Patients need the NHS every day. Evidence shows that the limited availability of some hospital services at weekends can have a detrimental impact on outcomes for patients, including raising the risk of mortality. NHS England is committed to offering a much more patient-focussed service. Part of this commitment will be fulfilled by moving towards routine NHS services being made available seven days a week.”

What we want to know is what your experience of using healthcare services at the weekend has been like across Kirklees. We have received comments from people in Kirklees who feel that limited care provision over the weekend was detrimental to their health or the health of a relative or friend. We want to know how big this problem is in this area, so we can take action to drive the change to 7 day service forward.

For more information about the NHS Service, 7 Days a Week drive, please click here. Or to feedback your experiences of health services over the weekend email or call 01924 450379.