Healthwatch England First Ever Special Inquiry

Sharing the stories of people in Kirklees


Tens of thousands of people are potentially being sent home without proper support when they leave hospital or care home. People can be left isolated and end up in crisis that could have been prevented.

Through this special inquiry, Healthwatch England want to get a deeper understanding of what happens to people who experience ‘unsafe discharge’ from a hospital, nursing or care home, or mental health setting in England and how it was that they were able to fall through the gaps.

Healthwatch Kirklees understand that this is a complicated issue. That’s why we worked with Huddersfield Mission to find out about the experience of different people who have been discharged from health or social care, in whatever way.

We wanted to hear it all, good and bad. We wanted to know what it was like for people who have been discharged, for people who work in these settings, and the impact that people being sent home without the right support has had on their family or friends.

Healthwatch Kirklees has now collected several case studies and has passed these to the national inquiry.

Healthwatch England have now published their final report Safely Home – What happens when people leave hospital and care settings