Kirklees Family Hubs consultation

February 1, 2021

Kirklees council are running a consultation to find out the best way to support the local area. They have a detailed FAQ and proposal in the links below so please have a look through them before answering the survey.

Proposals for Family Hubs – Frequently asked questions

Q. What are Family Hubs?
A. Family Hubs are four areas within Kirklees: Batley and Spenborough; Dewsbury and Mirfield;
Huddersfield and Kirklees Rural. They bring communities and services together so that families can
get Early Support when and where they need it.Early Support is the support we give to children, young people and families when they might need
some additional help.
Services and activities are based in various buildings and outdoor spaces. These include four main
buildings that are currently called Children’s Centres. They are Birstall (Fieldhead); Dewsbury Moor;
Chestnut Centre; and Slaithwaite Town Hall.
Family Hubs will be the ‘go-to place’ for children, young people and families. They will operate either
face to face or online.

Q. What support will be offered?
A. There will be services and activities for children, young people and families. Our aim is to support
people every step of the way: from before being born through to adulthood.
Support could be face to face in the family home, in a group at an identified building or outdoors in a
local play space or park. Some of the activities may be online using virtual technology.

Q. What is the age range for accessing services?
A. The age range is pre-birth through to 19 years of age, or up to 25 years for people with special
educational needs and/or disabilities. There will also be services for parents.

Q. Would universal services be delivered through Family Hubs if the proposed model was put in place?
A. Yes, we are working very closely with health services to make sure that we have access to
midwifery and health visiting clinics. We want to make sure that we work very closely with schools,
early years providers and GPs.
We want children, young people and families to have access to the support they need at the earliest
opportunity. This can prevent their needs becoming so great that specialist support is required
further down the line.

Q. What is different to what’s in place now?
A. We know that there are already strengths in our communities – the proposed model aims to build
on what is in place now. Different organisations and members of the community who work and live
locally will work together to support children, young people and families where they live.

Q. How can I access services from the Family Hubs?
A. You can talk to a professional, for example your midwife, GP, health visitor, child’s school or
nursery. You can access services face to face by walking into one of the buildings.
You can also telephone or email – there will be dedicated websites and access via social media

Q. Are the Family Hubs a replacement for Children Centres?
A. No, the Family Hubs build on the work of Children’s Centres but, instead of only supporting
families with children aged under 5, they will help all the way from pre-birth to adulthood. This
includes early years activity, school-age activity, activities and support for young people and support
for parents.



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