Parking Concessions at Dewsbury Hospital

Patients can reduce the cost of visiting


The concessions that Dewsbury Hospital currently offer are:

Free parking Disabled drivers (blue badge holders)

Long stay discounts Seven day visitor parking permit charged at day rate To obtain this permit, patients and/or visitors should purchase a £6.50 ticket from the pay and display machine and take this with a signed temporary parking permit application from the relevant ward to our General Office.

Acute care Units such as intensive care, coronary care etc have the authority to issue parking permits free of charge for close relatives or carers

Oncology day units Clinic staff have the authority to grant full day parking at one hour rate

Maternity and paediatrics Senior nurse in charge has authority to issue permit free of charge for parents or direct carers attending daily and/or overnight Other regular attendees would be expected to use the long stay discount rate.

Welfare/hardship discretion General office staff have welfare/hardship discretion to issue free of charge permits Such requests will be validated on a ‘case of need’ basis We would also recognise social service benefit claimants.

Unexpected admission Service users who are unexpectedly admitted to hospital from outpatients or A&E will have their parking fee waived for 48 hours. The senior nurse should provide details of the vehicle to security Stays beyond 48 hours will be considered on a case by case basis.

Hospital Travel Cost Scheme

Patients who are in receipt of certain benefits, or who are the dependents of those in receipt of such benefits, may be able to claim a refund for travel costs to the hospital (refund not applicable for visiting). For further advice please contact the Benefits Agency on freephone 0800 666555. Any refunds can be claimed from the General Office at each hospital.