Patient Transport Service

During December 2015 and January 2016, the five Healthwatch organisations in West Yorkshire carried out a survey with 545 patients and carers at 14 hospital sites across the region about their past and present patient transport return journeys from hospital. 479 (62%) of the 774 patient journeys were provided by Yorkshire Ambulance
Service NHS Trust (YAS). However, we can also assume that a significant number of the 240 (31%) journeys where the provider was unknown were also provided by YAS, as it is the provider of all prebooked planned return journeys in the region. The messages in this report are primarily for YAS, but may also be useful for other providers of patient transport.

Key findings
Many patients were very complimentary and grateful for the patient transport service but recognised clear areas for improvement. This report focuses on these areas.

Key themes arising from the survey are:

  • 430 (74%) journeys involved patients waiting 90 minutes or less for their patient transport. 224 (40%) of these involved a wait of 30 minutes or less.
  • 133 (24%) journeys incurred a wait of more than the locally agreed 90 minute target waiting time, with 36 (6%) having a wait of more than 3 hours.
  • 349 (89%) patients/carers who responded said they were not given updates about their transport whilst they were waiting. This was one of the reasons that patients rated communication from patient transport providers as ‘satisfactory’ or ‘poor’.
  • Patients/carers were on the whole very complimentary about the caring and helpful attitude of patient transport staff.
  • People felt that there could be better co-ordination and communication within the patient transport service as well as between patient transport and staff in hospitals.

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