Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Consultation

Find out more & have your say about pharmacy services


Visiting your local pharmacy is one of the key ways that you can get advice and support with your health problems. It’s really important that local people and the people who fund some pharmacy services are aware of what’s available, where and when it’s available, and whether there are any gaps. That’s why every 3 years each local area has to produce a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA), which brings all that information together.

In Kirklees, the local PNA has just been written and Kirklees Council, along with other partners, are asking you to give feedback about it. You can read the document here, review the maps that show you where services are available here and complete a feedback survey here. If you need some assistance to give feedback, or would like to comment on a particular pharmacy, get in touch with us. You have up to the 9th April 2015 to share your views.