Recall Matters West Yorkshire Communication Toolkit

Hi Everyone 

Below is the Recall Matters communications toolkit, it contains;

  • Recall matters video
  • Patient leaflet
  • Social media images
  • Website wording
  • Email copy to local partners and voluntary organisations
  • Social media post examples

Please feel free to use the content as you would usually share information such as newsletters, emails, social media, outreach events or any other place we can inform people of the recall matters idea.  Also using the hashtags #SeeYouIn9Months #YourCheckupYourChoice #HealthyTeeth #RecallMatters and sharing other West Yorkshire Healthwatch posts would be great.

Let me know if you need anything else, the radio stations/newspapers in your area have also received a press release regarding the recall matters work.



“Have you asked your dental receptionist for a longer check-up interval? #SeeYouIn9Months #RecallMatters ”


“Would you like to go to the dentist less often? #YourCheckUpYourChoice #SeeYouIn9Months For more information visit


“Contact your local dentist to check if they are accepting new NHS patients.  #Findmeadentist #RecallMatters”

 “Rosie hadn’t been able to find a local NHS dentist in 3 years, today Rosie saw a dentist and received the treatment she needed thanks to #RecallMatters #nomorepain”


“I saved £20.00 a year by just increasing my dental check up to 9 months instead of 6. #SeeYouIn9Months”