As part of Healthwatch Calderdale and Healthwatch Kirklees Covid-19 feedback we heard from over 200 people about their experiences of medication.

Covid-19 Long term health conditions

Many had positive feedback about their experience, but we heard that some things may have been difficult, they were:

-Changes to medication;
-Review of medicines prescribed;
-Having to rely on the support of family, friends or volunteers to get medication.

All of that feedback has already been presented to all relevant local NHS organisations in an effort to bring improvements.
But we feel there is more we can learn and are now asking for specific feedback about the main issues raised. We want to know if access to medication is impacting the health and wellbeing of the public in Kirklees and Calderdale.




Royal Voluntary Service

We are working in partnership with the royal voluntary service through the Kirklees libraries to share the survey and additional information to those who may not be able to access information online. During the pandemic we have had to get more creative on how we engage with those outside of our social media platforms. No longer able to engage face to face we looked for other options, partnering with services that are still able to reach their communities. 


For more information on how this is working contact 

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