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Boots Pharmacy Mirfield Huddersfield Road

Rated by Anonymous
9th February 2020

Saved my mums life

My mum a few weeks ago woke up with a massive headache and a rash.she thought it was a allergic reaction and the fact she had been working a lot of hours and put it down to tiredness. I took her to boots pharmacist, Mirfield to see if he could help.he was simply amazing and so knowledgeable. He told my mum not to worry but was going to get her to go to dewsbury district hospital as he could not treat her symptoms in the pharmacy .I remember him asking me to go into his little office where he said to me that he thought she may have got meningitis and told me to take her to a and e asap. I was shaking and he was very calm .he phoned the hospital and told the woman on the phone he was sending a referral for suspected meningitis and for them to look out for me.
I went to hospital where because of his phonecall we was taken straight in as soon as I mentioned his name .my mum was treated for meningitis and was in hospital for a few days .the consultant when talking to me praised the pharmacist for recognizing and acting very quickly ,most likely saving her life. I would recommend this pharmacist to anyone .he is simply amazing and a great professional who is so loved Mirfield.

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