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Continence Advisory Service (Locala)

Rated by Anonymous
2nd October 2019
Response from provider

Useless poor quality care

Frustrating experience. It started with me calling this customer service centre called spic which was a nightmare. They were rude and unhelpful and would not help me get seen by the continence nurse. The woman at spic customer point of access refused to help and insisted I had to go on line to refer myself. I was in tears. I had to go to my granddaughters to get help from her to go on line and fill out a long irritating form and wait 19 weeks to get an appointment. Then when I got to the clinic I was told they don’t even have the ability to test my wee or fill out a form like the hospital or my doctor GP does and get it checked. I was flabbergasted how poor the service is run without any ability to do basic tests. In this day and age I have never heard of a clinic that can’t send off or check a wee sample. It sounded very odd and outdated and unhelpful just like their spic customer service team. I ended up back at the Gp surgery having to make another appointment to get tests done the locala team should be doing. I was going back and forth which was silly. I told my GP don’t send me back to this locala people again. They made my cry. It was horrible.