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Dr N Chandra and Partners

Can't fault it!

All staff go the extra mile and seem to genuinely care for you. I'm always involved in treatment decisions and treated with respect. My only gripe really...and it's only a small one...is that when i get results I want to know figures and read the report myself...maybe even get a copy of it, but i find some staff very hesitant to give out figures etc. I like to be fully informed of my condition so that I can make informed decisions and, mostly, i'm able to do this. The doctors are very available and i've never waited more than a day for an appointment but the wait for the nurse (eg for bloods) is often 5 days or so. I don't find the doctors knowledge about mental health stuff as good as physical health matters. For example 1  doctor said i should do the [insert faddy name] diet when i actually have an eating disorder...a faddy diet is the last thing i need. That was disappointing but generally my experience is very positive.