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Edgerton Dental Clinic

Rated by Anonymous
20th February 2019

Rude staff

The receptionist is rude and confusing. I had my first consultation and needed a scale and polish afterwards which my therapist recommended. I booked this straight after my consultation. As I was leaving from work early, I got a call from the same receptionist to say he is confused as to why I have ‘another’ scale and polish booked within 3 months. When I explained to him, he was very rude and said that on my notes it said I had a scale and polish with my first dental consultation. I was not made aware of this. He tried to make the NHS appointment into a private appointment an hour before the appointment. I had to cancel as I was not happy with the receptionist rude demeanour and confusing information. Plus the dentist who saw me was nice but he only came in for 5 minutes and talked so fast and didn’t let me discuss the issues I had properly. I still haven’t got my problems fixed because of rude receptionist and prioritising of private patients.

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