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Fartown Dental Practice

Rated by Scott
18th June 2020

Rushed and no care!

I was referred for a wisdom tooth problem as it was the only dentist seeing patients. They rushed, explained nothing. They broke my wisdom tooth, left roots and a sharp bit of tooth still in. They said they would refer me to Leeds urgently. 3 weeks later we had heard nothing, our own dental practice chased it up they didn’t respond then my wife called. They had never done the referral as apparently they should have done an X-ray. I had to go back and they couldn’t still do the x ray. So my own dentist had to refer me. They’ve left me in agony and with swelling and no apology. They only had me as a single patient in the practice both times I went. Yet they still rushed, have no care or explained what they were doing and failed to do the one thing to help me. I’ve hoping I’ve not been left with permanent damage.

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