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Health Visitors (Locala)

Rated by Anonymous
7th August 2019
Response from provider


They are very odd and don’t want to help. The school nurse said to me to call a single point of access number who put me through to a health visitor who told me a 0-19 practitioner would call me back who then called me back 3 week after my initial call to tell me I need to call the original school nurse back for help as she is a 0-19 practitioner . I called the original school nurse person and asked her why I was given the run round and told to call all these people who referred me back to her and she said that forget that she forgot her role changed and she was not a school nurse anymore but a 0-19 practitioner. However she advised me she cannot help as I would need to go on line at locala thriving in Kirklees to get help from her. How crazy and unhelpful is that.

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