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Very poor reception staff

January 11, 2021
Reception staff are never positive or caring but today they were rude and the tone and approach was completley not needed - asking for an appointmenet should not leave you feeling dreadful


February 5, 2020
if I need to go I ring up to get an appointment. They let me know when they can fit me in . I prefer to see someone downstairs as I feel safer . I have on occasion been offered a slightly longer appointment to talk about a few problems

nice staff

October 3, 2019
Really nice staff. Can normally see same GP and she can remember everything! Had 3 family deaths recently and they were brilliant. Did home visits to my dad and came out every time we requested it. Can always get appointments.

Great service

June 13, 2018
I do not often come to surgery but the drop in sessions have been ideal for me and have always been seen within an hour. It is especially noted when I hear others complain about wait times of weeks.

Friendly service

June 5, 2018
A friendly and efficient service and informative service
Paul Kenny

Unable to book an appointment with a doctor

September 8, 2016
Attempted to book a same day appointment with a doctor on Monday morning and phoned the surgery at 7:30am as advised. After recieving an engaged tone on my first few attempts, I managed to get through to someone at 7:45am and was informed that all appoinments had been taken for that day and I should call back on Tuesday morning. I phoned back at 7:30am on Tuesday (as advised) and recieved an engaged tone on the first few attempts, before speaking with someone at 7:40am, Again, I was advised that all appoinments for that day had been taken and that I should try to call back on Wednesday, or alternatively use the 'drop in' session on Wednesday, From my previous experience of the 'drop in;' session, I had to wait for in excess on an hour, which isn't feasable, as I have a full time job. The other alternative was to book an advanced GP appointment, but the first available slot was on Tue 4th Oct (4 weeks away). I undersatnd that my surgery is under increased pressure, due to new housing developments in my area, but It's really dissapointing that I am unable to book an on-the-day GP appointment at my local surgery. I would hope that changes could be made to faciliate a greater number of on-the-day bookable GP appointments.

Reply from Lindley Group Practice

Hello, I can advise we are currently experiencing significant pressure with appointment demand. The appointments are largely being used for follow up appointments that Doctors instruct the receptionists to book. We are a large practice with 10,400 patients working from a building with limited rooms and therefore unable to employ additional GPs to meet demand.

You are obviously aware we hold 3 open access surgeries per week on Monday/Wednesday and Friday mornings for patients to drop in between 7.30 - 9.30 on a Monday morning, and 8.00-9.30 on Wednesday and Friday mornings. By introducing these clinics, we have increased patients access. I am sorry to have had to experience a long wait previously at these, sometimes they are very busy but are proving very popular with out patients.

I understand your frustrations in attempting to book an "on the day" appointment, as I have said earlier, we are currently opening each day with limited on the day appointments which are booked very quickly.

All I can recommend is that you keep trying each morning at 7.30am, but in the meantime, book one of our advance appointments so at least you have one in the meantime which can be cancelled should you access a GP appt earlier.

Have you registered for on line access? This way, you can book advance appointments on line. You can also order repeat medication and see your summary care record too. If you are interested, please see reception with some photo ID.

I can add, we are currently auditing our appointment demand and will be looking to make some improvements to the appointment system in the next few months.

Provider responded

Receptionists arent polite

August 7, 2016
The new receptionists are so arrogant which is a shame they are a few good doctors however one palmed me of when i was young blaming low moods on being a teenager! 9 years later im suffering worse than ever

Used to be a lovely surgery

July 23, 2016
Unfortunately the receptionists let it down the old receptionists used to be so lovely but a couple of the newer ones are truely very rude! And some of the doctors don't appear very knowledgable however i must point out that some of the doctors are fabulous and never seen to fail! Fantastic

Think they take on too many people

July 22, 2016
This doctors seems to constantly be taking on new patients which really doesnt make any sense seen as though the patients they have can't even manage to get an appointment. I think if they didn't have as many other patients like other doctors theyd be able to give patients the care that we deserve not to be rushed out of the room and ignored because you've been squeezed in! The receptionists also have no remorse what so ever and i find them very rude. On a more positive note they do have some very good doctors at the surgery its just a shame they physically cannot fit you in to give the care and support needed

Reply from Lindley Group Practice

Hello, I would like to clarify on this point.

We are under contractual obligation with NHS England to accept any patient who resides within our practice catchment area and therefore have very little control in our ever increasing practice list size.

I am sorry you have felt rushed in previous consultations, I am sure the Doctor would not have deliberately made you feel that way.

The receptionists work incredibly hard in a very stressful environment with limited resources which is the NHS and I am sorry if you feel they have appeared rude. I can assure you they have undergone customer service training.

Provider responded

Awful receptionists

July 19, 2016
Receptionists are very very rude

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