Platform 1 (mental health)

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Mens Mental Health and Wellbeing Charity

Platform 1 is a fast growing and unique project which has developed to help men and families through the provision of a mens service.

We have a holistic approach to men’s mental health and wellbeing

We offer men in the grips of crisis which may of mental health or addiction. The aim of the charity is not to just deal with symptoms but to look at the whole issue and work hand in hand with each member to work out the problems which they are encountering daily.

Platform 1 initially started life as a 'Men's Shed,' this model is designed to work with retired men living in isolation. Because of the central location of the site it was quickly realised that most of the men that turned up to each session were in some sort of crisis. After one of the members tried to commit suicide it was decided that the 'men's Shed' model was not adequate to deal with the issues which were being presented.

When a man finds himself in crisis and presents to Platform 1 the first thing, he will find different to other services is the fact that he doesn't need an appointment. All members are seen by our pastoral team when they need help and support. When people find themselves in crisis simple tasks such as keeping appointments, making phone calls, paying bills can seem like impossible tasks. Our pastoral team is made up of highly motivated and skilled people who can deal with all the issues not just individual issues.

Platform 1 liaises with all the local services and works alongside other charities taking the onus of the men to make these contacts. We make appointments and log them and remind people of them. We act as advocates and regularly attend meetings and appointments with our members, all the time giving support. This not only helps the man but helps keep the system flowing without missed appointments and lots of agencies trying to chase one man.

As well as the pastoral care we offer a range of training opportunities such as first aid, IT skills, literacy skills. We train people in joinery, bike maintenance, gardening. Lots of the men take on the responsibility for their environment and we encourage them to take on roles within the project such as site maintenance, cleaning, buddying which helps new members to integrate into the project.


Rated by Anonymous
22nd August 2019

No fuss in dealing with issues

Great to have somewhere safe to go ,no appointment necessary,...
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