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Sidings Health Centre

Rated by Anonymous
20th December 2019

Very Poor Patient Service by Admin/Reception staff

Called to make an appointment for my 15 year old daughter who was in distress. Immediately got shuffled onto automated system telling me 'Stay on the line' and 'Your call is important to us and will be answered shortly'. After about 2.5hrs of trying eventually the call was picked up by someone (a receptionist).

I explained the situation with my daughter and informed it was a highly personal matter and she was in distress and needed to see family GP. I was told no availability even for emergency to see GP and was steered to try walk-in-centre instead. I told again that this was unsuitable, that I had been trying for 2.5hrs to get through etc and would like to make a complaint and asked who it should be addressed to and which NHS body regulated from above. They told me that a letter was needed to practice manager (no email apparently could be done) and that they did not know under what NHS body or regional office they operated.

Asked to speak to someone more senior in admin - they told me there was no one senior there only receptionists who cannot take or pass complaints onwards.

Clear case of trying to avoid negative feedback or complaints regarding poor service to be logged and registered with them or the governing body above them. Unacceptable.

I am a working man who has paid my NI stamp all my life. Myself and my family are infrequent visitors to healthcare services anyhow and only call when absolutely necessary.

Was then told they have one doctor on holiday and short staffed. Not my issue – the practice should have planned and prepare for such occurences.

2.5hr to answer a phonecall of a concerned parent whose daughter is in distress and needed some attention is ridiculous. Shameful service level provided.

The doctors that reside/practice there I know are good people and very straightforward. The admin team are shocking to the point of being obstructive and unhelpful.

It is no wonder hospitals are busy all the time - the admin here seem to advocate trying to push bookings away and send people to other places rather then trying to get the local Doctor to efficiently serve the needs of the local patients who are registered with the practice.

If anyone does read this review - these comments are a true reflection on my experience. I pity the old/frail or those in serious need of care. The call waiting time alone could put some persons at risk.

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