Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

*We recognise that on our website there are mostly negative reviews about this service . We are working with South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust to support their plan to improve the way things are working - Healthwatch Kirklees. Please see the 'Our Work' section on this website to find out more about the work we've been doing. The Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access team receives all referrals for mental health services in Calderdale and Kirklees. The team directs all the referrals to the most appropriate Trust services or advises the referrer of the best organisation to contact. The team screens all referrals for urgency i.e. whether they need a response within 4 hours, 24 hours or 14 days. They meet with people who have been screened to need a 4 or 24 hour response (urgent referral) face to face to assess their needs and also sees some people who need an assessment within 14 days. The single point of access team also provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline for service users and can offer advice to referrers at any time. It also manages all inpatient ward beds in Kirklees and provides a gatekeeping service to assess whether people need to be admitted to hospital or can be nursed in their home environment. It does this along with its sister team, Kirklees intensive home based treatment.


01924 316830

Beckside Court
2nd Floor
286 Bradford Road
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Unhelpful and made assumptions

November 20, 2019
Basically made me feel like I was just being dramatic

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

Dear Service user, may I apologise that your experience of the Single Point of Access was unhelpful and made assumptions.
If you would like to discuss this further I would be very happy to speak with you as it is so important that you are not left feeling like that. I do access calls to try to both monitor and improve the service. I am the manager of the Single Point of Access - John Price and I would be very happy to speak to you my number is: 01924 316830. If I am not available please leave a message and I will contact you. Once again apologies.

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Rude and unhelpful

August 2, 2019
Received a call regarding my mentally ill Son. After finishing the call I remembered I had not given them his new phone number. Rang back to ask to speak to her again, to be told 'she won't be speaking to you, why would she!!!' Absolutely disgusting service.

Surprised I’m not dead

April 26, 2019
I’ve called so many times for help, I’ve lost count. My GP referred me twice, both times they refused to help. It took an angry worded letter from my GP for them to finally book an information appointment with me.
That appointment was on 15th March and lasted about an hour, the lady was so rude and condescending towards me, she criticised my parenting, made out that there’s nothing wrong with my special needs son, and kept referring to my weight (yeah I know I’m fat, but my mental health is of more importance than weight management right now).
I left the place in tears after she finally said she’ll refer me for psychology and see if the psychiatrist wants to look at my medication. Seriously!? I’ve had 5 failed antidepressants, the latest is helping only with sleep.

So now here we are 6 weeks later and I’ve heard absolutely nothing. If it weren’t for my children I know for a fact I would not be here now.

Not helpful at all and waste of time

March 23, 2019
I have rang these guys up many time due me feeling unwell and I have to say they not good with support. Am well annoyed the fact they are a crisis team n they can't help n I was refused by the psycatrist three time and still I am not well at all I shouldn't have be going through this it so unfair on me


February 22, 2019
Ring up for help, which it took best part of 3hrs just to dial the number to be told to see my gp...and they wonder why mental health system in trouble. If they helped people at the first point of contact and put support in place or even a friendly voice on the phone it would reduce admissions, save money. This is the last place I would ring when in crisis, they make u feel like a time waster that’s over exaggerating. Disgusting

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

I am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the Single Point of Access. I would be happy to meet with you and if you would find it helpful staff from Healthwatch. You could either contact me on 01924 316830 or through asking Healthwatch to make contact with me.
There can be various appropriate reasons why we might appropriately ask a person to contact their GP in the first instance, but to understand whether this was appropriate in your situation I would need to have more details. John Price Single Point of Access Manager

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"This isn't the Samaritans"

December 30, 2018
Really dissapointed again by the Crisis Team. There really needs to be more training. To say to someone in crisis who finds it hard to speak out that this isn't the Samaritans is actually horrific. I agree it's not the Samaritans and I was told that during the gap till my psychologist returns if I was in crisis out of hours I SHOULD contact the service. I have said this before and I will say it again because something seriously needs to be done... apparently according to the crisis team there is a 'correct' and an 'incorrect' way of dealing with your own crisis!

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

Hello Emma
Thank you for agreeing to meet with Clare and myself to get more understanding of your disappointment with SPA. Whilst I will not got into details of our conversation here I hope that you found it helpful. As I said when we met, it really helps to speak to Service Users when they have constructive thoughts about how services can be improved. I agreed that I would acknowledge this on this site.
May I also wish you well with your on going recovery. If you feel the need to speak further please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards John

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Terrible experience

October 19, 2018
I rang after they where rude to a relative who was in a crisis with their mental health, I rang and expressed I was extremely concerned. I was greeted by a rude lady (I know her name and would like to take this further!) The way she spoke to us I am still in shock. No help, no advice, no support and no compassion!! This is the only number to ring out of hours in a crisis all I can say is wow! I hope no body else in a crisis has to experience this attitude and service I really hope they don't.

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

I am John Price the manager of the Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access. Firstly let me apologise for your experience. No one who calls the Single Point of Access should be left feeling as you have felt.
You are right we are the Out of Hours services when someone is in Crisis and I would want to ensure that your experience is not repeated. To help me with this please could I ask you to contact me. In your review you write that you have the name of the person who you spoke to and if we have the time and date I can access a recording of the call and investigate this.
You could either contact me directly to speak about this. My telephone number is 01924 316830 or you could ask Healthwatch to either be involved with this on your behalf or have them involved in a meeting or you could contact our Customer Services and to ask them to deal with your complaint
By Phone: 01924 316060
By email:
by post: Customer Services
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Block 10, Fieldhead
Ouchthorpe Lane

I do hope that you get back to us in the way that you feel is best for you so that we can hopefully resolve this to your satisfaction. John Price

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Good advice given,

October 8, 2018
listened and were very supportive, helped me with advice and information and will follow on with further support

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the support that you have received from the Single Point of Access. It is very much appreciated and I hope that Services will continue to support your recovery.
Kind Regards
John Price
Manager Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access.

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Few good nurses

September 14, 2018
It depends who answer the phone, but there's a couple or few good nurses. my new Dr is a breath of fresh air to folly hall-hope he stays.

Can't get through on the phone!

September 12, 2018
Been trying to make an appointment, was trying the number 01924 316830 and listened to a message saying the number had changed to- 01924 316830!!!! Can not make an appointment. sort your phone out!!!

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

Can I apologise for this message. You are correct that this is an out of date message and I will get it changed as soon as possible. I have asked the provider to make the change.
First of all though I hope that you have got through to SPA on the number and have been able to book an appointment. If not and you would like to speak to me - I would be happy to call you and facilitate an appointment for you. You could do this by letting Health Watch have a number on which I can contact you and they would be able to pass this on to me if that would help.

Let me explain the error with the message and thank you for pointing this out to me as you are the first to highlight the error.

SPA changed its telephone number around 2 years ago and to ensure that people phoning the old number did not get confused or have to redial a new number we transferred calls through to the new number. This had an expense to us attached to it so when we were confident that people were familiar with the new number we eventually stopped transferring calls through to this new number. In order to help people be aware that the old number, which some still phoned, would eventually no longer put them through, we put that message on in the hope that they would note the new number whilst still getting through to us on the old number that they had dialled.

You are right however that we should have changed this message. Your taking the time to let us know that this is no longer a helpful message is appreciated and we will change it.

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