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How are your teeth?


For most of us, keeping a healthy mouth means two things, regular brushing and visiting our dentist. But there are a range of other issues that relate to enjoying good oral health, from seeing a dentist regularly to getting care from hospital dentists.

Having good oral health helps you stay healthy generally. Problems with our mouth can result in pain, infection, tooth loss, time off school and work and even effects the way we feel about ourselves and stops us enjoying activities with our friends and family.

On top of this there are community programmes ranging from children brushing their teeth at schools and nurseries, to health visitors and staff in children centres and residential homes knowing how to help us look after our children’s and family member’s mouths.

The Yorkshire and The Humber Public Health England Centre Dental Public Health Team have completed a piece of work which looks at what the key issues and challenges in improving oral health are. They are keen to understand whether you think it’s correct and if not what’s missing.

This is a really good opportunity to tell the people who are responsible for  NHS dental services and community programmes what things are really like, and to help change them for the better.

The document is quite long to read, but there are links to the full document and a shorter summary below.

Dental Needs Assessment Summary Version 

Dental Needs Assessment Full Version

You can either read it and comment, or just tell us about any experiences you have had over the last few years, and we will feed your thoughts back to the people who are writing the report.

To respond, you can fill in a short survey online here, it should take you 10 minutes or so.

Or you could call us and we will help you do it on the phone.

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