Meet The Team

Healthwatch Kirklees is an Independent charity. We employ a small staff team and are helped by volunteers. Our Board of Trustees oversees and steers our work, members of our board are not paid for their role.

Helen Hunter

I have been involved with Healthwatch in Kirklees since 2013, and Healthwatch in Calderdale since 2016. When I started in Kirklees, we were a brand new organisation, still finding our feet and understanding the quirks and irks in Kirklees.
... more

Clare Costello

“I have 12 years’ experience working at Barnardo’s supporting some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families. I’m excited to be part of the team at Healthwatch Kirklees where I hope we can give a voice... more

Katherine Sharp

Volunteering and Engagement Officer (Enter and View Lead)

I have worked for Healthwatch Kirklees for over 5 years now and enjoy it immensely. I am responsible for the recruiting, supervising and supporting of our wonderful volunteers. My aim is... more

Stacey Appleyard

I am the newest member of the team. I have recently graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in Marketing. I'm looking forward to completing my role as Communication and Intelligence Officer for Healthwatch.

Rio Kisjantoro

I began my journey with Healthwatch Kirklees as a Communications Intern creating videos and images for social media in 2017. I gained a lot of experience of working with the public and understanding how best to engage them during the... more

Deborah Neary

My name is Debbie.
I joined Healthwatch Kirklees in June 2019. I previously worked at Carers Count
in Huddersfield as an information/ Advice and Group Worker.
I am looking forward to involving and working with people of... more

Paul Bridges - Chair

I am the manager of Huddersfield Mission, a local charity serving people, changing lives.

Our services are available to all, but we have a particular interest in the need... more

Dave Rigby

I have been a Governor on the Members' Council of South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust for around six years. I was a board member of a local housing association... more

Yasmeen Sharif

I have been working for Barnardo’s since 1999 after qualifying as a social worker; my current role is as a Children’s Services Manager. I manage services across Calderdale, Leeds... more

Nick Whittingham

Suzi Henderson

Tony Wilkinson

I am a Pharmacist who retired to Halifax after a managerial career with a national chain of pharmacies, during which I spent time in several parts of the country... more

Angela Everson

I am the CEO of WomenCentre, an organisation that works across Calderdale Kirklees and Bradford. I have worked as a registered nurse, social worker and probation officer as well as... more

Lynne Keady

Enter and View Authorised

I worked in the Civil Service for 34 years until 2007. Since then, I have worked as a carer and support worker with elderly... more

Lisa Hodgson

Enter and View Authorised Representative

I have been a Healthwatch Kirklees volunteer for the last four years and still find this hugely rewarding. Despite my busy... more

Frank Reddington

Enter and View Authorised

I am a retired Social Worker where I worked with children preparing to leave local authority care. I am now a volunteer for a... more

Eileen Rudden

Enter and View Authorised

I began my working life as a schoolteacher and during my career have taught on three continents. Since then, for the last fourteen years,... more

Alison Cotterill

Enter and View Authorised

I have worked for many years in local authority and in the NHS taking a preventative approach to
improving health. I also volunteer... more

Catherine Wielgus

Healthwatcher Volunteer

Salma Afzal

Healthwatcher Volunteer

Rayne Sutcliffe


I joined Healthwatch because its not just my health that matters but everyone's. Going out and meeting people and getting their feedback helps the... more

Shabaan Akber-Hanif

Healthwatcher Volunteer