We completed some engagement work with adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) after hearing concerning feedback from a few adults with (ASC) about difficulties that they are having in getting an initial diagnosis and in accessing appropriate clinical support following a diagnosis.

We wanted to have a better understanding of the issues that people with ASC face in Calderdale and Kirklees, so that we could raise them with the appropriate organisations and hopefully improve people’s experiences.

To get this understanding, we designed two surveys, one for people with ASC to complete so that they can tell us about their experiences, and another one for the parents, partners and carers of adults with ASC to use to give us their views and ideas. We collected some real life stories to show how having an Autism Spectrum Condition can affect people’s lives. We visited a number of support groups for adults with ASC and their parents, partners and carers, in which we asked for people’s views and promoted the opportunity to complete the survey or provide a detailed case study. The survey was also circulated through the networks we were aware of and promoted on social media.

We received a lot of very detailed feedback about people’s experience of living with ASC, and trying to get support with ASC. To try to make this manageable, we have developed shorter reports and one overarching report.

As many of the issues raised related specifically to health services and health issues, we developed a focused report for the relevant CCGs which captured the health related feedback. Download these here:

Adult Autism Services – feedback for Calderdale CCG – final report 23.05.17

Adult Autism Services – feedback for Kirklees CCGs – final report – to be uploaded ASAP


We have now completed our overarching report summarising all of the findings from the engagement work. Download this here:

Adult Autism Services in Calderdale and Kirklees – FINAL 30.10.17

The overarching report highlights issues with health and social care provision for adults with ASC, and we will be contacting relevant professionals working in these areas to influence how they design and deliver services for adults with ASC going forward.