He was given a big horrible diagnosis and just left to get on with it. 

We would like to share Jack’s story with you. Told to us from a concerned member of his family.

“He was given a big horrible diagnosis and just left to get on with it”  

Jack was diagnosed with prostate cancer just before the Covid-19 pandemic. Jack’s family talked to us about their concerns with regard to communication and ongoing support. 

“He was given blood test results and leaflets with a list of support services and dates for groups but these were all cancelled because of the pandemic”.  

“Jack was also offered an appointment for 6 months’ time but we felt this was just too far away and asked for a 3-month appointment instead. The information we were given at the time about his condition was very limited and he’s had very little support since.”

In the summer of 2021, Jack had a telephone appointment with the consultant and an MRI and pelvic scan but the family doesn’t know when he will get his results as no follow-up appointment has been scheduled. 

“Communication seems lapse and limited, I have to chase things up on his behalf, I shouldn’t have to, it’s terrible”  

Jack’s family described how he has been through a lot of worry and stress. He had a lot of questions as the weeks progressed following his diagnosis but didn’t feel he had been able to get these answered or discussed. 

“When you get this type of diagnosis you should be offered more support from someone who will sit down with you, talk and guide you through the stages and explain things more thoroughly.” 

Jack wanted to have had the opportunity to talk through his diagnosis on a face-to-face basis. This wasn’t offered as an option with a professional who had in-depth knowledge and trained in supporting someone emotionally with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. 

“I think he would have been able to deal with it better if he’d had more emotional support in the beginning from the hospital staff or being able to see someone face to face after he had been given the diagnosis but these were all cancelled.”

His family believes that the lack of emotional support from professionals has negatively affected his mental health and how he is coping with everyday matters. His family suggested that if he had been given continued emotional support it would have helped him have a clearer understanding of his condition and possibly come to terms with his diagnosis better.

We listened were able to signpost Jack’s family to:

  • The Kirkwood 01484 557900
  • Macmillan Cancer Support who are currently offering virtual wellbeing and support sessions.
  • We also discussed the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service 01484 343700 who would be able to discuss the best type of therapy for his individual needs.
  • We further signposted to local non-profit organisations and professional, affordable charitable counselling services currently offering telephone or face to face appointments, to help him get through this difficult time.  We also gave his family information about Carers Count is the single point of contact for carers in Kirklees when they need help and advice. Tel 0300 012 0231.

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