5 years ago, one of the main issues people spoke to us about was difficulty getting an appointment with their GP and we still regularly hear that people are experiencing problems when trying to access primary care services. When we heard about the new ‘extended access’ schemes across Kirklees, we were interested to know what people thought about the opportunity to see a GP (and other primary care practitioners) in the evenings and weekends.

General Practitioner (GP)

UPDATE: November 2018

Extended access schemes are now running in both North and South Kirklees.

Our engagement for this project only focused on Greater Huddersfield. In October 2018, a survey was made available online and this was shared widely on social media and through our contacts. Staff and volunteers also sat in the extended access clinics to gather feedback from patients who were using the service.

The findings will be available to view in December 2018.


Survey Results Infographic

An infographic to highlight the main points from the survey results data. (Click on the image to zoom in)


What happened as a result of the feedback people gave

Your feedback really does make a difference!
Take a look at how your feedback has helped to shape the delivery of the GP Extended Access service in Huddersfield. 

What happened as a result of the feedback people gave Download File (pdf 255.20 KB)