Access to dentistry in Kirklees has been a massive issue for Healthwatch in the last 5 years with 60% of people we asked in 2016 not having an NHS Dentist. One comment we heard in a bus station in Dewsbury said “I go to the dentist every 6 months. I never have any work done, just a checkup.” We wondered why people in pain could not find a dentist, whilst others has check-ups for healthy teeth.

Dentistry Engagement

Why we covered this issue?

We wanted to see if we could help make a difference. If people with healthy teeth went to the dentist less, it could help create more capacity for people who are in pain.

What is the impact?

We hope to create access for more people to dentists for 2.6 million people in West Yorkshire, by asking people to look after their own teeth a bit better.


VIDEO: How often do you need to go to the dentist?

On the right you can download a video on how often you should visit the dentist.


LEAFLET: How often do you need to go to the dentist?

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This leaflet was sent to every dental practice in West Yorkshire by NHS England.

From May 2018 we will be sharing this leaflet via our social media campaign around how often patients should visit the dentist.

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