Healthwatch Kirklees regularly go out into the community to talk to people about their experience of health and social care services.

We’re always looking for different ways to engage people so we decided to take out some equipment to provide people with some basic health checks.

Long term health conditions Engagement

Staff and volunteers received additional training and our new approach is working really well so far.


REPORT: Why we think it’s a good idea to offer free Body Mass Index (BMI) checks to people in Kirklees

Every person who has a BMI check is given a record card to take away which shows their height, weight and BMI and also an explanation about BMI guidelines and some contact details for organisations who may be able to offer information and support if anyone is concerned about their BMI.

Find the link to the report at the bottom of the page


Why we think it’s a good idea to offer free heart rate monitoring tests to people in Kirklees

There are approximately 2,868 people in Kirklees who have Atrial Fibrilation (AF) but are not known to have by themselves or the GP.

The chances of having AF increase with age and AF is commonly associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, COPD (Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease), previous stroke or TIA (transient ischaemic attack) diabetes and dementia like illnesses.

We aim to reduce the risks of these illnesses by providing people with the information they require and ensuring they are checked by their GP regularly.

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