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July 5, 2022
At the beginning until they got to know me i felt we were given a lot of leaflets with information on but the practical support was lacking. However, things improved and i have been given lots of advice and referrals to services who have given me useful support and practical help. I was not rushed to be discharged and know i can contact them if i need them again.

My Admiral Nurse was my strength and support

June 18, 2021
I was assigned my admiral nurse as my mum was diagnosed with alzhiemers and I had being looking after her when she started to deteriorate and become abusive, constantly hiding things and saying she hadnt, said she was being stolen from when she hadnt, I was at the end of my tether not getting any help from anyone until it was suggested I contact the admiral nurses. I was assigned one quite quickly as they were concerned about me and he was fantastic talking everything through with me, explaining all the different scenarios what may have happened and what could happen and helped me to cope with the circumstances as they came along. My mum is in care now but if I hadn't had my support I think I would have been seriously ill, it is an horrendous disease to deal with.
Karen Dews


June 10, 2021
In our experience of seeking support , Admiral Nurses stand out for responsiveness, thoroughness, and determinatikn to seek solutions. An outstanding service.
Mark and Liz Feeny


April 27, 2019
Our temporary admiral nurse rings day before the appointment and generally cancels
Beverly Clayton

Fantastic support from, Admiral Nurse

June 22, 2018
Staff member visited us several times offering support for us and for my mother in law, helping us make better choices for their care. This helped us an helped us give better care to them in her finl days. Thank you
Ruth Coates