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Staff are approachable

April 15, 2024
Always listened to very caring when my husband was terminally ill

Unable to ever get an appointment,

October 26, 2023
Never appointments, called and asked for appointment, none available, asked for call back, reply was a receptionist will call you back, advised I need an urgent appointment today, advised me none available and to go to a&e , this is the same every time you call.
Disgraceful service, need to concentrate in employing doctors not the million receptionist you have


March 2, 2023
I have been with this practice for so many years
They always help me
The receptionists are lovely as are the gos

Unhelpful, disinterested

December 5, 2022
Would rather assume than listen and give a proper diagnosis or advice. No real effort to explain results of tests or why tests are been done or even give the results.
Receptionist take it upon themselves to be gatekeepers. If I didn't have to have medication I wouldn't go there isn't any point. I'm at the point of not even wanting that since it feels I'm just going through the motions there is no real care and I can't remember the last time I actually saw a doctor well before covid. Shocking to say the least. Where's the duty of care?

Struggle to get an appointment

June 8, 2022
Since the pandemic, I have had to fight to get an appointment to see the GP. I am no good with technology and even struggle with the phone system at times. It is so difficult to get through to the receptionist and then when you do you get told there are no appointments or I can send them a message online (which I can't do) and someone will call me back. I yearn for a simpler time when you could call the practice and book an appointment nice and simple.

Reply from Albion Mount Medical Practice

I am sorry to hear that you have struggled to get an appointment with a GP. We do offer emergency on the day appointments and pre-bookable non urgent appointments. I am unsure which appointment you were trying to book. We try to accommodate all patients requesting an emergency appointment and we have plenty of non urgent pre-bookable appointments available. We are aware of the difficulty that patients are experiencing trying to get through to the practice on the telephones. We are in the process of having a new telephone system installed which will go live on 8th July. We have seen this new telephone system in operation in a practice nearby and the feedback from the staff and patients has been excellent. This new system will give the patients the option of a call back from the practice.

Provider responded

They just don't answer phones

February 26, 2021
You can phone and phone and they just don’t answer, the other surgery on Mountain road is hardly open, the time they state on websites for opening times are totally inaccurate.


January 22, 2019
Picked up on my diabetes when I had no idea - looked after me regularly. Take good care of me. If I haven't got a scheduled appointment it's difficult. I got an emergency appointment the same day.
Dorothy Cape

Lack of appointments

August 13, 2018
Hard to get an appointment, have to go through telephone phase first. Then the receptionist decides whether you need an appointment. Son was diagnosed with foot and mouth, but no health care professional had actually seen him.


August 8, 2018
Can never get in for an appointment straight away - always have to wait.


July 30, 2018
Receptionist pro-active, GP fine always give information - in detail.
Easy to get an appointment. Guarantee an appointment for next day or on day.
Pamela Fisher