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Made to feel embarrassed

January 13, 2021
I received a phone call, but missed the call, got a text to say I have an appointment - because of my medical history, I thought it was the COVID vaccine, didn’t question it (my fault), then on the day of the appointment, got another call and was asked to go through COVID related questions, which I answered - which in my head convinced me that it was the COVID jab. Got to the hospital, receptionist was nice, let me into the waiting room, was called in bang on the appointment time which was great, nurse who took me into the other waiting room was lovely and that’s when it went downhill. Dr came in to the waiting room, very cold approach to me, not friendly towards me at all, took me into his office and asked me about the lump on my back, I said to him, I thought it was for the COVID jab, in an aggressive manor, isnt your name xxxx, I said yes, he then said in the same voice, then it’s about the lump on your back, it then dawned on my that I’d gone to my GP over a year ago as I have a lipoma on my back that was painful and he did say you would get a call to see if they can remove it - but as it was over a year, I totally forget, but he made me feel so embarrassed, I apologised for the confusion and showed him when the lump was. Was asked to wait in the waiting room again. There was nowhere to put my coat so had to take it into the theatre with me. There were two other nurses (so a total of 3 nurses and 1 doctor) took my top off and laid on my front whilst the Dr gave me a local anaesthetic, then I heard some sniggering and laughing from the other two nurses and i instantly knew they were laughing at me. Then the nurses and doctor decided to talk about a colleague amongst themselves and were laughing and joking, which I found was very unprofessional and very uncomfortable. The operation took no more then 5 minutes and I didn’t feel a thing, which was great. After I got up I was told to go into the waiting room and to get dressed in there which was across the hall. Am sure if I was a woman and a white woman at that, I wouldn’t have been treated like this. Felt like the doctor just wanted me out of the way. I love the NHS and what they do, this was the first time in my lifetime that I felt I was inconveniencing them, it also felt like the Dr doesn’t like being questioned. I felt embarrassed and felt they didn’t treat me with dignity.
Such a shame as I appreciated the time and effort, but didn’t appreciate made to feel like this.

My bunion was worse after surgery here

December 14, 2019
After my bunion op my foot was a worse shape, pushing my little toe further out, I was offered an amputation of this toe! I would never have an operation again here.

Reply from Holme Valley Memorial Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to feed back to us....
We are extremely sorry to hear that you are not happy with the outcome of the surgery you had carried out with us on your foot.
We are always keen to learn from our patient feedback so would be grateful if you could get in touch with our Customer Liaison team to discuss your experience. If you would prefer to contact them via telephone the number is 0303 003 4529 followed by 'Option 2'
The lines are open Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm (Excluding Bank Holidays).
Thank you

Provider responded

Excellent service

August 25, 2018
Recently had a bunion repair. From the very first appointment the service was excellent. No waiting around, staff so friendly and professional.

Very good

June 13, 2018
Staff were very personable and explained everything . Follow up was good too.

Positive feedback

July 21, 2017
I wanted to pass along my thanks to 'm. d' who was on reception when I arrived
I stated I was nervous and she went out of her way to make conversation and be reassuring in her manner to calm me down. When you feel vulnerable a little kindness goes a long way.