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Thanks guys

May 6, 2021
I'm not registered with a dentist at the moment, so got an emergency dentist appointment with these.
Both the dentist and her assistant were lovely, the dentist knew I was nervous about the needles, she talked me through each step, kept asking if I was alright, this dentist DOES CARE about her patients.
I saw the dentist in the room next to the door which leads downstairs.
The receptionist seemed lovely too.
Thanks guys
Sarah Britton

Seen on the ground floor today

April 7, 2021
The member of staff I saw was so kind and patient with me one of the issues I brought to her attention was the thinning of some of my teeth. She was able to see from my notes that I had radiotherapy in 2019 and she explained to me which has never been explained to me before that radiotherapy can cause your teeth to thin I do think sometimes things are kept from you but I would rather be told the truth.
She did a fantastic job at smoothing down all my rough edges she explained to me that eventually one of my teeth may need extracting but for the time being she was able to smooth it down because it isn't causing any pain at the moment that was the best course of action.
The situation with my right leg at the moment seems to be ongoing so it's possible I may have to be seen on the ground floor in the future and I would be very happy to do that too.
Mrs Tracy Maria Taylor

Excellent service

May 31, 2019
Excellent service, Less waiting time. They also take you when you reached late. Staff are kind too

Put me at ease

November 21, 2018
I was terrified of going and she calmed me down. The dentist herself is brilliant but the receptionists vary.
Yvonne Weston

Service and cost

June 19, 2018
I found the time spent on consultation/treatement sometimes inadequate and the cost quite high.

The worst dentist

May 4, 2018
I m with this dentist for 3 years. First they look after teeths, made a filling but I lost all same teeths they made before... at the moment from 4 month they change my appointment.. 5 times already. I'm in pain and they try tell me it's not true... if you try ring them you will spend ages on phone .

Keep canacellung my appointments

December 17, 2017
Booked an appointment - it was cancelled a week before - they told me they could book me in many months later which I argued and eventually they fit me in the following week. The appointment was great, it’s a lovely practice and the dentist was kind. On the way out I made an appointment for next spring and have now been told they’re cancelling that one too. Not bothering with a practice that doesn’t want my custom! I don’t trust them! Would not at all recommend!

Good and understanding

August 21, 2015
The dentist was good and understanding but I only saw them for an emergency appointment. I still need a regular NHS dentist for myself and family.
Happy patient