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St John's House
Cross Church Street
West Yorkshire
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Terrible service

March 27, 2021
They nearly always get the prescription wrong. You can never leave without checking the bag. And then they either laugh or look annoyed at you. Never a sorry.
You'll be waiting 20 minutes to collect a prescription you put in a week ago. If you see a queue of more than 2 people don't bother coz it will be a good hours wait.
They have now covered up the collection window so you can't see them stood playing on their phones anymore.
Terrible service, terrible staff.

Appalling levels of professionalism.

December 17, 2020
If zero stars was an option I'd select it.

The service here is consistently atrocious and it's the attitude of the staff that's the worst thing of all. They spend their time looking half asleep, on their mobile phones, or just chatting with each other.

To say that this is a 'medical/health' environment there are NO precautions being taken regarding the virus in terms of personal responsibility. Some of the staff don't wear masks, and those that do, wear them below their chins rendering them completely pointless.

Since the outbreak of the virus you are served at the window/hatch, however, it hasn't occurred to a single staff member to move the credit card machine to the window so that contactless payment can be made. Surely this is just common sense and good practice to minimise contact/trace in the midst of a global pandemic!? Instead, what happens is you have to hand your card over to the person at the window, and then they disappear inside to swipe it on the machine.

Firstly, this is actually breaking the law and goes against all retail and consumer advice for contactless payments. Shop assistants are NOT allowed to take your card out of your sight to scan it - they could be running it through a skimming machine and taking the data. Secondly, they are handling your card and the whole idea is to minimise potential transfer of the virus. How many other patient's cards have they handled that day!? Thirdly, I'd question if it's even sanitary that they're handling cards/money (which has been proven to be the one thing that carries the most germs). and then administering drugs. They don't wear gloves, therefore is your medication being handled by the same hands that have just been on someone's grubby credit card?

It beggars belief that this is going on. All staff should be wearing masks. All staff should be wearing gloves, or at least have one person dealing with the payments, and a separate person dealing with the handling of medication. Better still, just use basic common sense and plug the card reader in next to the window to allow customers to make contactless payments. If it won't reach, buy another! It's not rocket science.

Terrible customer service

October 20, 2020
Unhelpful staff who dont care about the customer only profit. Some staff look as if they are half asleep
C Wright