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Reviews (10)

The receptionists are border line rude

October 7, 2021
Receptionists are rude, cocky, arrogant and so unhelpful. The doctors and nurses have been lovely but for years now they’ve had terrible receptionists

Doctors are amazing but receptionists - awful

July 15, 2021
The receptionists are lazy and combative if you ask any questions. Really make you feel as if they are going out of their way to do the job that they are paid to do. They are also very rude at times, it depends who you speak to. I sometimes wonder if the doctors know just how bad the front of house receptionists are. You have to be very persistent to get past them to get advice or help from a doctor. They are just difficult for no good reason.

Very bad doctors

June 25, 2021
Had verybad experience called doctors for appointment for small kid under 2 said need appointment to see face to face but doctor said no oh it’s infection just been given mouth spry but it’s was something e
Else it was shocking ended up in hospital so I meant to say doctors are gone sooo lazy seen this phone appointment been happening it putting everyone life in risk someone needs to do something about this soon otherwise all the kids plus older are in danger

Dr’s are good but receptionist are awful!

May 21, 2021
The receptionists are terrible at communicating with each other which means you don’t end up getting prescriptions and appointments and there’s one lady who is just awful. I do not know one person who has anything nice to say about her. She has no skills at dealing with the public and seems to be disgusted at the thought of having to help people. Wrong career! And you’re wasting your breath if you expect them to sympathise with MH problems.

Reception Staff Nightmare

March 30, 2021
Reception don't do anything. Very arrogant and unhelpful. Don't accept any responsibility for their actions. Fail to follow up test results, requests for covid jab assistance.
James Barker

Doctors are great but beware of receptionists

February 5, 2021
The receptionists here are something else. Cold, rude, no compassion, they think they are Drs and are just generally awful and have no people skills and have absolutely zero tact regarding mental health problems.

Just about ok

March 22, 2020
It took 3 weeks to get an appointment with the nurse and then it was cancelled without notice and I was told to see the pharmacist instead and they were furious that I was sent there as it wasn't in their purview.

Quick Appointments

June 21, 2019
You can get appointments quickly

Staff are amazing

January 16, 2019
My doctor has helped with my current mental health issues, which I've had for around 8 months. If it hadn't have been for my doctor, I wouldn't have gotten the help I needed.

Difficult to make an appointment

September 5, 2018
Saw a GP last week who recommended I take some medication and then come back this week for a follow-up appointment. Tried to make an appointment but asked to ring back tomorrow even though I explained that the GP wants to see me this week. Considering going to A&E if I am not seen.