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Dewsbury and District Hospital
Halifax Road
West Yorkshire
WF13 4HS


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Grim and the staff were ignorant and uncaring

Mental Health
February 7, 2022
The facility toilets and bathrooms are filthy with blocked drains full of hair which is not removed by the so called cleaners. Drinking water available but no plastic cups on a regular basis. The food is grim as is the staff who are ignorant and lack any compassion. The rooms are like prison cells and the bedding stained. The level of cleanliness is 2/10 and cleaners need training on how to clean!! All in all this place isn't fit for humans and wouldn't house animals there either. Nothing good to say at all.

Stuck in a small roomFor 3 days not allowed s

Mental Health
July 3, 2021
Some staff are rude, no communication at all. Asked many of times if my mum and dad know am here and they say they don’t know and pass it on then I get into
Trouble by the doctors for pestering them. My mental health is suffering being in
This small room not allowed to be out.


Mental Health
December 10, 2020
Don’t send loved ones here more like jailers than Carers

Overstretched resulting in poor decisions

Mental Health
February 10, 2020
Partner was discharged when he was still depressed and I was not informed by them - which was bad enough, but thet discharged him with a month's pain meds - which he then tried to kill himself with. Some staff were good, I do think those working on the ward expected the consultant to discharge him - my partner's CPN certainly didn't and said he wasn't spoken to before the review.

Dales Unit in Halifax is much better. However this Trust generally is poor. My partner ultimately died alone due to their lack of competent community care services.

So helpful

October 30, 2018
Service is brilliant, if there's any problems they're so helpful. Helped provide evidence for PIP without any problems.
So accommodating, will see you early in the clinic if someone else goes.

difficulty in telephoning

August 17, 2018
I rang the number above and was redirected twice before being put through. This has happened once before
Christopher Seville