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1.1 Introductions and apologies - 2pm - 2.10pm - Melvyn Ingleson

A reminder to please complete the form below and return to Stacey or Karen directly to log any additional  conflicts of interest.

Declaration of interest form 2022



DW –  received 

1.2 Previous meeting minutes/audio 2.10pm - 2.20pm - Melvyn Ingleson

Trustee only meeting 29.6.23

29th June 2023 Action Log (no recording was taken at this meeting) 17:30 to 19:30

Action Log

Chair’s Remuneration




Staff Remuneration



3 Rs Review

Agreed at advertised £6k




5% cost of living uplift from April 1st 23

Roles, Responsibilities, Remuneration

Melvyn to review contract

Nick to sign on behalf of trustees

Confirmed letter sent to staff


HR Committee to lead

End August




July pay run



Interim Presentation to Board October 23

Admin Minute Secretary to be appointed @hourly rate


12 month Meetings Plan to be agreed (Board, alternate day/eve, Finance Committee, HR Committee)

Melvyn to advise team




Team to consult

End July Appointment




End July Publish

Governance Review Governing Doc and Mems and Arts


Review trustee  attendance


Early Committees




Statutory Insurances/support services Review

Melvyn to lead review



Melvyn to have 1 to 1 conversations


Finance, HR, open invitation

Terms of Reference to be agreed

All trustees to have access to all online

Board Recommendation, September 2023


End August


End September




Annual Review, timing, tba.

Contracts Kirklees Advocacy



Kirklees Healthwatch





Calderdale HW Core


Calderdale Advocacy

Melvyn to ask Stacey & Suzie to make presentation to Board

Melvyn to review new contract with Stacey.

Holding letter if required (Melvyn/Yasmeen)

Update provided to trustees

Update provided to trustees


End August or earlier if urgent


End August





End July Review


End July Review

Stakeholders/Influencers Develop Mapping Discussion on team/trustee representation as required Ongoing
Board Recruitment Subject to Governance Review Trustees to inform Melvyn, improve diversity of representation and thought September Decision
West Yorkshire ICB Partnership Agreement



Associate Director  

Trustees advised Review of Partnership agreement in train

New Role Specification, Terms and Conditions to be shared

Discussion on governance & trustee  oversight of WY resources

September 23



July 23

AoB Huddersfield A&E visit & service improvement presentation Melvyn & Tony to attend, 30 June 23  



1.3 Risk Management - 2.20pm to 2.30pm - Stacey Appleyard

1.3 Volunteer report - 2.30pm -2.50pm - Lisa Hodgson

1.4 Member organisation update - 2.50pm to 3.10pm - Suzi Henderson

Suzi Henderson will present on how she sees partnership relationship developing between Healthwatch Kirklees and Cloverleaf Advocacy



2.1 Board review - 3:20pm to 3.35pm - Melvyn Ingleson

Mohammed Laher announced resignation as Treasurer

New treasurer to be recruited.

Join Our Team as a Trustee and Treasurer at Healthwatch Kirklees

2.2 Kirklees Healthwatch Contract sign off - 3.35pm - 3.45pm - Stacey and Melvyn

2.3 Client update - 3.45pm - 3.55pm - Stacey Appleyard

Board update regarding:

  • One client of the NHS advocacy service in Calderdale 
  • One user of Healthwatch Kirklees service around co-production with third sector organisations 

Any other business - 3.55pm - 4.00pm - Melvyn Ingleson