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1.1 Introductions, apologies and Chair's remarks - 5:15pm - 5:30pm - Melvyn Ingleson

A reminder to please complete the form below and return to Stacey or Karen directly to log any additional  conflicts of interest.

Declaration of interest form 2022


None received as yet

1.2 Previous meeting minutes 5:30pm -5:40pm - Melvyn Ingleson

1.3 Executive update- 5:40pm to 6:00pm - Karen Huntley/Stacey Appleyard

1.4 Board work plan - 6:00pm -6:20pm - Melvyn Ingleson

Board work plan

Plan to be amended after discussion on frequency of Board meetings,  decisions on sub-commitees

1.5 Relationship with WY Healthwatch- 6:20pm to 6:40pm - All




1.5 Policy review - 6.40pm to 6:45pm - Clare Costello

1.6 AOB - 6:45pm-7pm

For info only

The Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday 14 November  and will present their report to Board at the next Trustee meeting of Thursday December 14

Management accounts Q2 23-24