Why we think it’s a good idea to offer free heart rhythm checks to people in Kirklees


Following on from our success offering free Body Mass Index (BMI) checks during our outreach sessions, Healthwatch Kirklees are now working with Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network to develop the idea of taking out mobile heart rhythm devices to offer free screening to people. 

The main aim of all our outreach sessions is still to encourage people to talk to Healthwatch staff about their experience of using health and social care service; offering heart rhythm checks is to help detect Atrial Fibrilation (AF).

The facts about AF in Kirklees:

Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network have supplied Healthwatch Kirklees with heart rhythm checking devices; some devices also have the option of measuring blood pressure too.  Healthwatch Kirklees staff also have  leaflets to give out to people to explain the test result and what they should do if it’s abnormal; staff also have additional information from British Heart Foundation and Stroke Association.

Training for staff and volunteers has been provided by British Heart Foundation.

Healthwatch Kirklees keep an anonymous record of the number of tests completed, the number of people with AF detected and will signpost anyone with an abnormal result to their GP.

From July 2018, the heart rhythm checks will be offered to people aged 60+ as the results are more reliable in this age group.

We provide people with a ‘Know Your Pulse’ leaflet so that people can feel their own heart rhythm http://www.heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/uk/know-your-pulse