Dentaid in Dewsbury

September 18, 2017

Today one of our staff members (Stacey) went to meet the fabulous people from Dentaid, who for the next 2 weeks are travelling around Kirklees in their mobile dental unit, treating adults and children who cannot find an NHS dentist in the area.


Dentaid is a charity which provides affordable and accessible oral health services around the world.  Today Stacey spoke to their CEO Andy Evans about why this services was needed in Dewsbury and surrounding areas. Andy and Stacey talked about people who are the most vulnerable in our area and do not have access to transport are not able to travel to find an NHS dentist, some of these people had resorted to DIY dentistry and removed their own teeth.  

Stacey commented: “It was great to see that the waiting room was full of adult and child patients who would get the treatment they need, however its also a very sad situation when people cannot access a dentist in their local area.  One man today had five teeth extracted and was grateful because he will finally get a pain free nights sleep.”

Since 2014 Healthwatch Kirklees has worked tirelessly to try and change the dental situation in our area but the situation continues to grow and more and more people are accessing emergency dental care or care offered by Dentaid.  

Stacey had a chance to have a quick peek inside the mobile dental unit with the Dentists and take a quick snap in the dentist chair, thankfully no treatment was needed for her today. 


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