First shared lay members appointed for local CCGs

July 16, 2019

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and NHS North Kirklees CCG have welcomed their first Governing Body lay members in a shared role.


Beth Hewitt and Hilary Thompson have been appointed as members of the Governing Bodies of both CCGs in a move aimed at supporting increased closer working of the two organisations.  


Beth Hewitt will hold responsibility for Patient and Public Involvement, replacing Priscilla McGuire and Fatima Khan-Shah whose term in office ended in May. Beth will provide strategic and impartial focus, bringing her knowledge of the area to ensure that the voice of local people is heard in all aspects of the CCGs work.


Hilary Thompson has been appointed as Lay Member with responsibility for Finance and Remuneration, a new role for the CCGs. Hilary will have a lead role in overseeing key elements of financial management and governance to support the continuous improvement of the CCGs finance and governance processes.

Both lay members live in Kirklees and between them bring a wealth of public, voluntary and private sector experience to their role.  


Beth has specialised in community, public and business engagement in the private and public sector. For the last five years she has supported small and medium-sized businesses to become more innovative and digitally mature.


Hilary has previously held senior roles with Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees and Kirklees Council.  She is now involved part time with Age UK at a regional level and holds several voluntary roles within Kirklees particularly championing the third sector.


Carol McKenna, Chief Officer for Greater Huddersfield CCG and North Kirklees CCG said: “I’d like to welcome both Beth and Hilary to our Governing Bodies and also thank their predecessors for their valuable contributions to the work of the CCGs.


“Introducing shared lay members will support the increased closer working of our two organisations. We already have a single management team, and the Governing Bodies and majority of our committees are held in common with each other. They will help us to continue to work together with patients and partners to shape and drive the future of health and care in Kirklees.” 

A recruitment process is currently underway to appoint a shared lay member with responsibility for audit and governance. The new members will be in post for three years.


Members of the Governing Bodies are responsible for ensuring that the CCGs run effectively, efficiently and economically, that decisions are made in an open and transparent way, and that the interests of patients and the public remain central to the goals of the organisations.

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