Important Notice for Patients of Greenside Surgery & St Johns House Surgery, Cleckheaton

September 28, 2016

Greenside Surgery is planning to merge its practice with the neighbouring St John’s House Surgery.

This change will enable them to provide a more convenient, more comprehensive service for their patients.

Patients will still be able to see their usual doctor. All of their services will be moved to St John’s House Surgery where patients can visit for appointments.

Both practices share the same passion for providing high quality services the main aims are:

– To give patients access to a greater number of medical staff with a wider range of clinical expertise
– To pool resources making it easier for patients to access services

The surgeries want to fully involve their patients in the decision making and patient’s views will be taken into account when the final decision is made by NHS England.

If you have any concerns or questions you can:

Attend one of the Drop In events which will take place:
– Tuesday 18th October 2 – 4pm at St Johns House Surgery
– Wednesday 9th November 6 – 7pm at St Johns House Surgery

Post a question or comment in the box in Reception
Call the surgery on 01274 851355

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