Look before you flush – tell your GP if you notice blood in your pee

July 24, 2018

If you notice blood in your pee, even if it’s just the once, you should see your doctor. That’s the message supported by NHS North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and Kirklees Council as part of the latest Be Clear on Cancer campaign.

Blood in your pee is a key symptom for both bladder and kidney cancers. Other bladder cancer symptoms include pain when peeing and recurring cystitis (an inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by a bladder infection). Kidney cancer symptoms include a pain that doesn’t go away, either in the tummy or in the side below the ribs and weight loss.

Around 17,450 people in England are diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer each year. Both cancers affect men and women, although they are more common in men. 

Dr David Kelly, Chair, NHS North Kirklees CCG and local GP said: “Some symptoms may be caused by an infection or bladder or kidney stones, all of which may need treatment. But don’t try and diagnose yourself. Go and see your doctor to find out for sure.”

Dr Steve Ollerton, Chair, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and local GP added: “A healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk of bladder cancer or kidney cancer. Some ways to stay healthy are to stay active, eat healthily, cut down on alcohol and stop smoking.”

Emily Parry-Harries, Consultant in Public Health, Kirklees Council said: “If you notice blood in your pee, even if it’s just the once, you should go and see your doctor. It’s important to get your symptoms checked out, and if it’s not serious, your mind will be put at rest.”

For more information on how to reduce your risk of cancer, visit nhs.uk/reduce-your-risk.

For more information about this campaign visit www.nhs.uk/be-clear-on-cancer/symptoms/blood-in-pee

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