Facebook Live, In conversation with Clare Blackburn, Head of Patient Experience at Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

November 18, 2021


Join us live on Facebook and be the first to know about the refresh of the Patient, Families & Carers Experience and Engagement Frameworks in your Mid-Yorkshire hospitals.

Date: 25th November 2021

Time: 13:00-13:45

Location: Online via Healthwatch Kirklees Facebook Page https://fb.me/e/5QwvKxD77

We’ll be to talking to Clare Blackburn, Head of Patient Experience at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. The Trust wants to know your thoughts on their new experience and engagement framework. There are three core priorities in the framework and the Trust wants to ensure these cover “what matters most” to patients, carers, and families in Kirklees. 

The Trust is keen to know your opinions by asking, “have they got the priorities right, or should their attention be focussed on other areas too?”

Please post your questions in the comments below. We will grab as many relevant ones as we can to ask on the day. We will answer all questions there isn’t time to ask on the day after the event.

The event is also a chance for you to find out about services you may not have known about, like the free transport options between Kirklees hospitals, and hear about the kinds of projects the Trust is funding to remember and recognise the efforts of NHS staff.

If you’re not watching live/reading this after the event, but this prompts questions for you, do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form
Telephone: 01924 450 379

Clare Blackburn NHS Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals

About your speaker:

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Clare Blackburn – Head of Patient Experience

Clare Blackburn has been Head of Patient Experience at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust since 2017.  Her role has evolved over the last four years looking after teams such as; complaints, Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), bereavement, chaplaincy, medical examiner officer – all of which embrace experiences of care. Clare works in the NHS as she is passionate about improving the experiences of care for everyone through feedback and engagement.

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