NHS Healthy Ageing and Healthy Caring Guides

December 14, 2018


It can be harder for older people to stay fit and well throughout the colder months. It’s important that older people and their families and carers are supported to stay well throughout winter. The NHS Healthy Ageing Guide and Healthy Caring guides provide practical advice to support healthy ageing and caring. The Healthy Ageing Guide helps people to stay physically and mentally well by providing hints and tips on how to keep fit and independent, and the Healthy Caring Guide provides information and advice to carers about staying healthy themselves and identifies support available to help carers maintain their health and wellbeing. The NHS Healthy Ageing Guide can be ordered and delivered for free, through Prolog, by calling 0300 123 1002, quoting reference HA2 , or online at www.orderline.dh.gov.uk.

NHS Practical Guide to Caring

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