Over-the-counter medicines – should these types of medicines be available on prescription?

November 1, 2016

Clinical Commissioning Groups across Kirklees want to know what you think about over-the-counter medications.


GPs in Kirklees currently prescribe a wide range of medicines and products which are widely available in pharmacies and/or supermarkets.  We are proposing that we will not routinely fund a range of products on prescription such as:

  • sunscreens for skin protection from UV radiation
  • soya and thickened infant formulas
  • infant formula for lactose intolerance
  • cream for unwanted facial hair and other products that have a predominantly cosmetic action*
  • camouflage products e.g. for port wine stain birthmarks
  • multivitamins, where no specific deficiency has been identified
  • emollients (moisturisers), shampoos, bath and shower products and fungal nail treatments for minor conditions which will get better on their own/have no long-term health impact, or for cosmetic purposes.

*This includes eflornithine which is a prescription-only treatment for the removal of facial hair.  However, alternative non-prescription treatments are available over-the-counter.

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