Patient praises GP online services

May 23, 2016

A new service designed to improve access to GP appointments and make it easier to order prescriptions has been praised by a local patient.

Alan Barlow is 61-years-old and lives in the village of Upperthong near Holmfirth. He took early retirement from his job as a trainer in the construction industry after suffering a heart attack five years ago.

Even though Alan is feeling well and keeping healthy, he takes daily heart medication and needs regular checks with his GP. He told us;

“I can use the online system to order my medication at any time and I don’t even need to remember the names and dosages of the individual items as they are all detailed on my ‘prescribed medication’ page. I can also check when my medication is due to be assessed by logging on and viewing my personal patient record.”

All practices in Huddersfield now allow you to book appointments online. Dr David Hughes, GP partner at Elmwood Family Doctors in Holmfirth said; “We’ve been offering online services for over a year but many people still don’t know they can make appointments this way. Patients who use the service generally find it quicker and easier than making a phone call.”

As well as being able to book and cancel appointments using a computer or smartphone, practices also offer the option of ordering repeat prescriptions and viewing their summary patient record.  Some GP practices give patients full access to their patient record, including test results online.

Dr Hughes said; “When you use the online prescription service, you can pick up your medication at any pharmacy, for example, close to your home or work.  You don’t need to visit the surgery and prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.  It’s really very convenient for a lot of people.”

Alan is used to accessing online services but he understands how some people may find it a bit daunting. He said; “I’m sure other patients will find the various online services really useful and accessing them is very straightforward. If you don’t have a computer, tablet or smart phone but have a friend or relative who does, maybe they can help? You just need the username and the password that the surgery gives you and you’re ready to go.”

GP online services are totally secure.  Each patient uses a unique password and no one else is able to see their information.

Dr Hughes said; “People can buy their groceries and do their banking online, so it makes sense that they can also access health services in this way.”

You can find more information about the online services available on your GP practice website or by calling into the surgery.

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