UPDATE 3 – CCG & CHFT respond to more of your questions

February 12, 2016

Over the past few weeks we have collected your concerns and questions regarding the proposed changes at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital.

We sent these questions to the CCG’s and hospital trust management for them to answer.

See their responses below:

Q13: It has been reported that paramedics are concerned about reaching emergency calls within the vital 8 minutes required by patients due to having to travel further towards Calderdale and not being within areas which may need support. Will ambulances and paramedics still meet this 8 minute requirement, even if out of area? What measures will be in place to ensure this?

A: We have identified the impact in relation to the number of additional hours for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service as a result of our proposed changes. As part of developing the detailed business case we will consider how this translates into requirements for additional crew and ambulances and progress this as part of the normal contracting process. This is set out in the pre-consultation business case on page 77 Right-Care-Right-Time-Right-Place-pre-consultation-business-case-15-January-2016.

Q14: The general public think that the formal consultation has already taken place when the pre-engagement was completed.  Please can you provide a timeline of events to show this is not the case and what pre engagement was completed and where.

A: http://www.calderdaleccg.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Summary-of-Findings-from-all-Engagement-and-Pre-Engagement-activity-March-2013-December-2015.pdf please see link to our report of the findings from all Engagement and Pre-Engagement activity. Feedback from the engagement has helped the CCGs to shape plans to enhance and strengthen community services, and we have made great progress in transforming the way care is provided closer to home. The engagement findings have also helped to inform the changes we are proposing in relation to hospital services and we are eager to present the changes as part of formal consultation. The purpose of consultation is to share our proposals, improve understanding about the need for change, and find out whether there are other options that we have not considered. The consultation will give everyone an opportunity to share their views on the proposed changes. No final decisions will be made until the CCGs have concluded the consultation and have properly considered all the information gathered in the process.

Q15: Please can you provide details of different ways you plan to gather information during formal consultation and how these possibilities are to be advertised?

A: The CCGs are working towards launching the public consultation later this month (February).  A clear timeline will be identified when the consultation start date is known. The CCGs will widely publicise details of the consultation in local and regional printed, broadcast and social media, on The Right Care, Right Time, Right Place website www.rightcaretimeplace.co.uk and links to partner websites. We are also arranging for consultation leaflets, posters and documents to be available in our hospitals, GP practices and libraries.

Q16: Please provide details around the consultation institute and NHS England and their response to the pre engagement completed.

A: The Consultation Institute supported our pre engagement work over a two year period.  NHS England provided the following  response as part of their assurance process: ‘Based on the work undertaken to date and the demonstrable level of engagement across the health and care system; along with the assurance received against the 4 key tests by the DCO team, we recommend the CCGs are supported to progress to the next phase: public consultation’.

Q17: What will be the provision for mental health in urgent care centres compared to the current A&E? Will psychiatric liaison services be offered at both sites?

A: Acute mental health will be co-located with the Emergency Centre.  The provision of psychiatric liaison services at the Urgent Care Centres has yet to be determined.

Q18: What are the CCG’s and CHFT’s connections with local companies who may need assistance from a closer A&E, Syngenta have procedures in place to evacuate and treatment would be provided currently by HRI A&E unit, have you sought their views on the downgrade? How will this affect their health and safety within the area?

A: As part of our planning, the NHS takes into account the nature of industries in our local area. The NHS and partner organisations have robust arrangements in place to test emergency contingencies and simulations are carried out for these scenarios.


3 responses to “UPDATE 3 – CCG & CHFT respond to more of your questions

  1. When will the meetings currently carried out during afternoons be repeated so that ordinary working people may engage in the consultation process?

    1. Hi Heather, many thanks for your question we haven’t seen an approved consultation plan yet however it is our understanding that consultation sessions will run from 2pm – 8pm. If you have any more queries or questions we will do our best to answer them, Stacey @ Healthwatch Kirklees

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