We heard feedback that the dosette box system of medicine control was not working. We asked for peoples experiences. We said

“We heard about the problem of social services colleagues  in Kirklees only being able to prompt medication from a dosette box rather from the original medicine boxes. We heard that this should not be necessary, that it produces a lot of extra work, disempowers the patient and add delays in the system – and it isn’t any safer!

In other areas in the country – in Hull and Scotland the carers can prompt from original packaging and record on medicines administration charts. Is this something you have experience of? Do you have a view? Better use of medicines is a big thing for many people in Kirklees. If this affects you, let us know and tell us your story.”

We had little feedback to this request. So for the time being we’ll put this on hold. If we hear more later on we may come back to it.